Cruiser bikes are designed for comfort. The pedal positions are generally farther forward then other styles of bikes allowing a more upright riding position. The seating and pedal positions, combined with swept back handlebar designs offers the ultimate leisure biking experience.


    Commuter bikes are typicaly designed for riding longer distances and are often found to be lighter and more streamlined than standard bikes. Commuter bikes often have many attachment points for racks, baskets, and bags for transporting your gear or groceries.


    Folding bikes are designed to be ridden like a full size bike, then folded into a compact size for storage and transport. When folded the bikes can fit in small places like the trunk of a car, storage hold of a boat, or in a closet.


    Full suspension bikes feature both a suspension fork and a rear suspension setup. This offers a plush ride and smooths out some of the roughest terrain. They feature tough components and come in tons of styles and colors.


    Hard tail bikes are designed for a variety of terrains and will typically have a front suspension fork. It is important to match a riders style to the bike as hard tails come in such a wide range of sizes and geometries.